Aberteifi Artisans. Art for arts sake...

Aberteifi Artisans

Aberteifi Artisans is an open arts group created for all artisan artists, musicians, photographers, poets, writers, bakers, brewers, thespians & makers in & around Aberteifi (Cardigan), West Wales.
The idea of Aberteifi Artisans is about creating a database of local artisans, making it easy for you to be noticed and making contact easier.

Showcasing artists, sharing ideas, work and event information as well as a gateway to giving each other help & support. 

Aberteifi Artisans wants to show the wealth of talent that is hidden away on our West coast and make it easily available to the rest of the planet.

If you would like to be added to the site directory please contact us with some details about yourself, including web sites, twitter names etc, a short bio & some pics of your work. 

Art for arts sake... 

There are no fees to join, no fees for a page, no fees for events advertising. This is purely art for arts sake.

(Made in Wales....)