Wendy Shaw.

Wendy has been part of a creative environment since birth, as her dad was a self employed painter and decorator. An Auntie taught her to crochet, a nanna to knit. An interest in art, and in particular, pottery at Middle school, led to involvement with the International Ceramics festival in Aberystwyth many years later. Wendy started her working life in the Caring Services, with the Under 11s in Northampton. A role as a Play Nursery Nurse in a Children's hospital ward, led on to a post in a Lower School nursery, where the philosophy was "Learning through play". A decade later, Wendy moved to Mid-Wales to study at University, completing a PhD in the Social Sciences in 2003. Since then, Wendy has trained as a Fitness Instructor and runs Zumba classes in the local community. Wendy adores her cat, and enjoys the outdoors.
She has been influenced by the seaside and landscape, and incorporates these interests into her textile and driftwood creations. 

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