Jam Furniture.

Inspired by reclaimed timber and minimalist design.

Our passion is working with timber that tells a story, timber that has had a life long before it was carried through our workshop doors. We do all we can to preserve that story. We consider each piece ensuring we can retain all of the character that you just can’t recreate without the passage of time.

We design components around the timber that frame it and celebrate it. Folded and powder coated steel is our complementary material of choice. The confident clean geometry of the steel has an incredible contrast against the unpredictable surfaces of the reclaimed timbers. It still sends shivers down our necks and has us agonising over whether to sell our creations.

We Established Jam in 2013' under the blue skies of Brisbane Australia and have now returned home to the rugged West Coast of Wales in the UK. 

We believe in quality. We’re proud of everything Jam stands for and everything we make.

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Address: Cardigan, Ceredigion, Wales, UK

Tel: 07538551513

Web www.jamfurniture.co.uk

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