Ceri Rhys Matthews.

Ceri Rhys Matthews is a musician of sorts, he mainly plays traditional and newly created dance melodies and song airs from south and west wales. He received a fine art training in painting as a young man, which has acted as a blueprint for his life and work,  gradually the paint brush was replaced by other instruments until he settled on the wooden flute as a means of drawing. By using a narrative music from a specific geography as a framework for his tuneful drawings he tries to remove himself as a central ego working in social and historical isolation. In his work he seeks to celebrate the fabric of the lives of ordinary people, living and dead, by repeating their anonymous art and using it as a springboard to do absolutely anything he fancies.

He has recently been exploring song as well as instrumental music. His current work is called 'Rambles Through Tunes'. detailed information can be found here http://yscolan.tumblr.com/new_work    



Website : www.yscolan.info
Twitter : @yscolan
Email : ceri.matho@me.com