Appleseed Jewellery.

Based in Cardigan, Appleseed Jewellery creates unique one off pieces of copper and silver jewellery inspired by the surrounding countryside and the beauty of nature and emotion.  Her work can be purchased locally at The Coach House in St Dogmaels Abbey and online on her website

"I have been making jewellery for over 10 yrs, I make pieces I like to call the artistic accessories, statement pieces, mini pieces of sculpture you can wear.

I love making Jewellery, I find it very therapeutic and each piece takes a lot of time and thought as I design my pieces when I see the metal I have to work with. I use recycled or reclaimed metals and sometimes beach combed and vintage items to make the pieces even more special.

I make each piece individual in design and form and I only ever make one version of a piece, I may keep a similar shape but there will never be two the same, I want them all to be individual and completely unique, just like you.

I am very environmentally aware and always want to work with as little environmental impact as possible and wanted to incorporate this into my business principle. So I make the pieces with the most ethically conscience and environmentally friendly methods possible all totally by hand, no electrical tools are used at all in the crafting which gives each pieces its own unique finish. I shape by hand, cut by hand, form by hand, sand by hand, polish by hand, patina with natural methods, not horrible acids, this way I also get to reflect some of my emotions in the pieces.

The pieces have a tactile feel and the finish allows them to organically change and evolve over time the more you wear them. They are very unique, they are not delicate intricate shiny shiny baubles, thats just not me. I would like you to look on them as mini pieces of art work you can wear. Functional art pieces that you can wear with a clear conscience knowing they are handmade in an ethical manner.

I have an ethos of sustainability and nurture, make and mend, that I would like to share and I hope you appreciate" 

K Appleseed.


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